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A short walk from Pinner Station on the Metropolitan Line, through a park with some lovely mature trees and a lake, you will find the newly re-opened and expanded Heath Robinson Museum. (Free with National Art Pass.)


Like most people, I was aware of William Heath Robinson, through the phrase, ‘it’s a bit Heath Robinson,’ to denote something which has been put together in an unorthodox and elaborate way. Until today.


The museum contains examples from the series of ‘How to’ books, written by KRG Browne, with hilarious illustrations by Heath Robinson, watercolour paintings and much much more, showing what a versatile and talented artist he was.  img_20161104_123753

Heath Robinson’s autobiography is entitled ‘My Line of Life, ‘ and the permanent exhibition tells the story of his career and the very different styles of illustrating he used, with a line painted around the room, denoting the ups and downs of his life. img_20161104_123833

The temporary exhibition space currently has humorous cartoons from the First and Second World War, with the 2nd World War illustrations showing the Home Front, ‘almost as if the Nazi enemy was too terrible for such a gentle humorist.’ img_20161104_133828

There are activities for adults (see my tracing effort below!) and children, with workshops led by professional artists during the first week each month and other events, and an IPad explaining how Heath Robinson put together one of his illustrations .


Although the museum is currently open only Friday to Sunday , opening hours will soon be extended.

There is a lovely café next door, Daisy’s in the Park. It has a small gift shop, book swap and a quiet (child free) room.


Funded by National Lottery and local fundraising efforts, including a series of concerts in the park, this small museum is well worth travelling to visit. img_20161104_153445

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