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View from Canonbury Tower I’ve led quite a few walks now and really enjoy sharing what I’ve found out about an area. One of the best things about leading guided walks is the variety of people you meet. I’m often asked what kind of people come on my walks. The answer is ‘all kinds’. In some ways that could make it tricky. Who do you write your walks for? Where do you market them? What I am doing is writing walks that are accessible to everyone, interesting to anyone. I am able to adapt a walk ‘on the hoof’ as it were, adding more detail if I feel the audience would like it and making it more dramatic where appropriate. Chimney pots, Canonbury Tower I am really proud to have joined the ranks of Footprints Guides. Footprints of London runs a website which is a great place to find good London walks. All the members have a guiding qualification so you can be sure that the walks will be of a high standard. The walks can be booked in advance which is really useful when planning and means that the numbers are kept under control. As a new guide joining Footprints, I have found the members helpful, welcoming and ready to share information with each other. This year, for the first time, Footprints Guides have put on a month long literary festival of talks and walks. This has been a great success with guides being very creative and putting together some fascinating walks, either based on an author, a particular book or an area. I am really looking forward to getting involved with this next year and starting to plan potential walks in my head already. Canonbury Tower London Local Guiding Day was a great example of guides working together. All four guiding associations in London wrote a special walk for the day and ran walks from 10 am to 4 pm on the hour, sometimes sending out two or three guides because there was such a lot of interest. This year, for the first time, walkers could collect a stamp from each walk and, if they completed all four walks in the day, could enter a draw to win a free walk. I led walks from Barbican Station for the Clerkenwell and Islington Guiding Association and had a great time leading two really mixed groups of people around parts of the fascinating area of Smithfield. Canonbury Tower

Latest walks are bookable via Eventbrite. Any questions do get in touch.

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