A to Z of Crime Fiction

Feb 4, 2013 by

Time to kill before your train? Visiting the British Library? Or maybe just passing through Kings Cross? Make sure you don’t miss the A to Z of Crime Fiction free exhibition at the British Library, hosted by the Folio Society¬†until 12th May. They’ve managed to find something for every letter, sensibly hopping back and forth between authors, titles, themes and places. Who knew that Terry Venables co-authored a crime novel, never mind all the other famous sporting names who have dabbled in the genre? One of my favourite childhood reads, Enid Blyton‘s lesser know series featuring the Five Find Outers and Dog, is there but my parents’ old favourite, John Creasey, only gets a mention for the award he sponsored. I guess he was of his time. I came away with a list of...

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