Eggs Milk Sugar

Oct 22, 2012 by

Exciting, a new cafe near the (ex) office on the corner of Tottenham Road and Southgate Road. Eggs Milk Butter in the old dairy is half a cafe and the other half dedicated to comic books, this is guaranteed to draw some different folk. What a great idea.

I love the cushions made from old shirts and furniture reused and recycled, always a hit with me.

The staff are lovely, very welcoming and they can’t do enough for you. One of them is even a published graphic novelist, though she is a bit shy about it. If you push, her colleague will show you her book from the library they keep.

This is another great idea so you (and they) don’t need to worry about coffee getting spilt on the stock. Any titles can be ordered in and there is a great selection for afficionados and novices.

The coffee is Nude Espresso and served unusually in large mugs. Lovely cakes and a nice selection of sandwiches and snacks. Go visit.

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