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Feb 12, 2012 by

A theatre above a pub is a perfect combination. You can wait in the bar for friends, eat if you want to, then enjoy a good play.

The Rosemary Branch is a lovely pub with plenty of space and a real fire. They even have a selection of board games below the stuffed animals. Can’t wait to come back and play ‘Bopit Extreme 2!’

The play we saw was ‘Sense and Sensibility‘, showing till 19th February 2012. It’s a nice antidote to the Dickensmania currently invading London and our TV screens.

Helen Tennison’s production is original and imaginative with creative use of washing lines and picture frames! Tableaux were used to good effect and lighting, music and recorded voice all contributed to a new look at a story well-loved by Austen fans.

Dance plays an important part in Jane Austen’s stories and here just a small cast used this effectively, adding freeze frame and mime to capture the style.

Francesca Wilding’s maid cameos were excellent with great expression as she changed the set, but for me the star was James Burton as Colonel Brandon and particularly Edward Ferrars.

I wish the cast good luck as they take the play on tour.


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