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I really appreciate working in London and being able to take advantage of so much innovative theatre.

These are exciting times for the Bush, a writers’ theatre, having recently re-opened in their new venue, a converted library, just off Shepherds Bush Green.

We were lucky to have the opportunity of attending a performance of ‘Where’s My Seat?’ by Deirdre Kinahan, Jack Thorne and Tom Wells, which ran for two weeks in June.

Audience members were invited to contribute ideas and give their opinions about how the future theatre would look.

We were able to comment on just about everything to do with the theatre, from layout, seating and types of play, to what kind of hand dryer to have in the toilets (They chose Veltio incidentally which is actually the best hand dryer ever, feeling like velvet!)

We saw three short plays that evening, performed in three different layouts to give people the opportunity to see how each one worked so they could express their preferences.

The current play ‘The Kitchen Sink’ is set in Withernsea; somewhere I had actually heard of, unlike many theatre goers I suspect.

It is performed in the round which means no one is far away from the action but which always creates extra challenges for the director, in ensuring everyone can see and hear everything clearly. In this play there are additional technical challenges for a confined space.

This production of a new play was very funny, poignant and refreshing. An ordinary story told with charm and an excellent cast who make a great team.

I try not to read too much about plays and films in advance but I loved the blog about the cast’s day out to Withernsea. What a great idea; I bet they had a fun time.

We sampled the chilli beef stew, which was delicious, with yoghurt on the side so that you can tone down the spiciness if you want. A word of warning, if you want nice coffee get it before 7 pm when they switch the machine off.

I love the new theatre and am planning to become a member to get more involved and provide even better support.


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