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Just found a great little cafe on the edge of Dalston, at 68 Balls Pond Road. It opened just six weeks ago and the owner has lots of ideas for what to do with the space. ‘Other’ is a very unassuming name and I guess it’s because the plan seems to be to offer different options. It is a cafe, gallery and space! and is also available for private hire.

The menu selection includes home made soup, pasta and cakes and the excellent coffee is San Salvador, imported from Italy. There are plans for a licence with wine bar downstairs and a friend is going to teach the chef how to make sushi which will be very welcome in an area where Japanese restaurants are thin on the ground.

I always make for the sofa where possible to drink my coffee and there was a comfy leather one for me as well as furniture made from recycled pallets. I particularly loved this coffee table.

An art gallery is planned for the basement which I am very excited about, having seen the first piece of artwork, a collage.

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