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The area east of Almeria is very dry, with tiny amounts of rain annually. We were intrigued to learn that many spaghetti westerns were filmed in this area and at least three film sets are open to the public. We visited the most highly rated one, Mini Hollywood, trying to find shade where we could, arriving just in time for one of the thrice daily shows. This was great fun and a must if you come here. We also saw the Can Can show. Fluent Spanish would have been helpful here as the MC seemed brilliant.

Bring your swimming things and you can cool off before visiting the spread out zoo. We didn’t get round much of this as we were waylaid by the birth of four meercats and were privileged to observe the group behaviour of these amazing creatures. As each kitten was born, it was removed out of harm’s way by one of the group. Every now and then the newborns were checked up on by one of the adults, shaking it or cuddling it, depending on what they felt it needed. When the birth were over the adults took all the babies back to the mum so they could feed. Fantastic!


Our overnight stop was in a village nearby, Tabernas, Casa Rural Jardin del Desierto. We gratefully fell into the pool, despite its less than clear water. The hotel had been carefully renovated and was extremely well appointed.

Setting off for supper at 8 pm, we were surprised to find most of the bars and restaurants closed. We eventually found a bar at the end of the village open, serving tapas. We chose one of most things on the menu but were still hungry so stocked up at the supermarket and had a picnic on the balcony. As it was still very warm at 9.45 pm we went back out for a wander and a drink and were surprised to find most of the old people of the village sitting outside in the street, either in groups or alone. Also all the closed bars had now opened and were selling food! I guess it was just so hot in that area people did not eat until the sun had gone down.

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