Indigo Coffee House

May 23, 2011 by

I visited Cambridge recently with some friends and we were looking for a cafe at the end of a long day. There are loads of cafes in Cambridge to go with the hoards of people. After all it’s a great place to visit. This particular afternoon we had walked from the Orchard Tea Rooms at Granchester, along the river.  The Tea Rooms are unique, occuping a special place in literary history and therefore are very popular on a sunny Sunday. A beautiful spot which would be especially delightful on a quiet day, I will certainly go back. I would guess that most people in Cambridge for a day don’t really get a chance to explore and might miss out on some of the most delightful places. I love exploring cities I don’t know well and...

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Belle Epoque Patisserie

May 11, 2011 by

Stepping into the Belle Epoque Patisserie on Newington Green is like being on holiday as it’s just like a patisserie in a town or village in France with its beautiful display of tartes and gateaux. I wouldn’t dare visit too often as their range of patisserie is irresistible. Today I had a fraisier which was wonderful and decorated with a personalised mini chocolate. As I like my coffee strong I was able to choose one with 100% arrabiata beans and an extra shot.  A choice of pizzas, quiches and a huge range of sandwiches and drinks are on offer as well as artisan bread and chocolate. You can even pretend you’re in France by drinking citron presse. The shelves are lined with loads of jam, biscuits and other French products you might not easily find anywhere...

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