Garden Cafe Bistro

Mar 22, 2011 by

Okay, so it might seem like I was being lazy here, but it was raining on Friday and this cafe is so close to our office … This is the third cafe to try and make its way in the two years I’ve been working here.  They deserve a shout out for the success they are making in a venue which isn’t really in the main run of places.

The owners here took over from two unsuccessful ventures and have really made a go of this business.  Garden Cafe Bistro is popular with local workers and, more recently, families.

The staff are very friendly and the chef makes a lovely home made quiche and two types of pasta dish in addition to all the usual lunch choices.  You also get a very nice salad with everything.

For me, it’s great to have a good cafe to pop out for a quick break when I’m busy or it’s pouring with rain!

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