Trattoria Sapori

Mar 29, 2011 by

A bustling cafe/restaurant, Trattoria Sapori is a real treat for people who love authentic Italian food.  There always seems to be something new to try, from delicious cakes to savoury pastries and now, beautifully presented salads.  This is in addition to everything you would expect to see in an Italian restaurant, ie pizzas, pastas etc.  It is very popular with families with an imaginative children’s menu and they even have a story telling session once a week. There is an outdoor seating area which is a lovely sun trap; tasty ice creams are a treat in the middle of the day. Fresh flowers are a delightful touch and reused furniture and artefacts help create the ambience inside. Monday night is film night when you can enjoy a film, pizza and drink for only £10. The Trattoria...

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Garden Cafe Bistro

Mar 22, 2011 by

Okay, so it might seem like I was being lazy here, but it was raining on Friday and this cafe is so close to our office … This is the third cafe to try and make its way in the two years I’ve been working here.  They deserve a shout out for the success they are making in a venue which isn’t really in the main run of places. The owners here took over from two unsuccessful ventures and have really made a go of this business.  Garden Cafe Bistro is popular with local workers and, more recently, families. The staff are very friendly and the chef makes a lovely home made quiche and two types of pasta dish in addition to all the usual lunch choices.  You also get a very nice salad with...

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Tina, we salute you

Mar 16, 2011 by

I am thrilled to tell you about my first cafe, which is a real gem. I was drawn to ‘Tina, we salute you’ when I opened Foursquare to see what places were listed locally and was intrigued by its name.  It was also very handy, just right for a quick lunch time visit. The cafe has a lovely relaxed feel about it, and there is a huge table with eight seats which reminded me of a family breakfast table with pots of jam and marmalade in the middle.  Coffee was great and I indulged in a piece of white chocolate and raspberry tart which was delicious.  There is an amazing, original loyalty scheme which you must experience. The best thing, however, is the art. Every eight weeks, the walls are whitewashed and a local...

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A New Venture

Mar 10, 2011 by

A perfect swimming spot, Croatia Having written a quite specialised blog for the past four months, I thought I’d have a go a writing something which would interest a wider readership. I will mainly be writing about cafes I’ve visited but anything that I think is interesting may get a mention. And possibly a photo or two. I’ve recently been hankering for something a bit different from high street chains, for clothes shopping and for coffee.  I thought I would take advantage of working in London, particularly near Dalston, to explore some alternatives.  Twitter is great for pointing me in the right direction but the first cafe I visited was found through FourSquare.  I was intrigued by its name and it’s near our office. I’ll reveal all the details next...

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The Waiting Game

Mar 4, 2011 by

I’m planning to write this blog until the end of this financial year. By then I should know which councils are keeping Recycling and Reuse Credits and which ones are cutting them. I am very aware of how difficult it is for local authorities to decide which of so many important activities will have to be cut.  This is why I have been so impressed with Cumbria’s wide ranging public consultation.  It included an online web chat and public meetings, in addition to the main consultation. Council members answered all points made promptly and sought out facts when they were asked for.  Anyone, including me, who was slightly cynical about the point of the consultation and felt decisions had been made in advance, were delighted to be proved wrong.  The consultation ended with many changes...

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