Light in the Darkness

Jan 28, 2011 by

  • It seems that I am doing a lot of waiting and hoping at the moment.  Along with many local government employees.
  • I’m sending off claims for quarter 3 Recycling Credits and wondering whether quarter 4 will be the last ones I do.
  • I received two letters in the last two weeks informing me that their council has decided that Recycling Credits will be one of the casualties of the spending cuts.  This is a particular disappointment to staff involved who have been proud to work with several charities in this way.
  • The third letter, however, led me to believe that there was still hope.  It was from Lord Henley, minister responsible for Recycling Credits.  He supported the comments I have made before, namely that it would be a false economy to stop Recycling Credits because the resulting increase in landfill would result in even higher costs.
  • Let’s hope he is right.  I am of the impression that the people making the decisions about what costs to cut do not understand the complexities of Recycling Credits and Landfill Tax.
  • Councils are put in the impossible position of having to choose between equally important areas of expenditure.
  • What is clear is Recycling Credits does offer the opportunity for local authorities to save money in the long term.
  • Feedback from one council indicates they will see sense and keep Recycling Credits because: We DO want to cut down (MUST cut down) landfill. We shall not reduce recycling credits.’
  • So I go into February with fingers firmly crossed but a little more hopeful that we can continue to work together keeping biodegradable waste out of landfill.

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