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Dec 10, 2010 by

It has been great to hear the opinions of other recipients of recycling credits in response to Cumbria’s consultation.  This is a flavour of the responses: 
  • I am shocked that the County Council have included recycling credits in the savings options. The proposal is for a small saving across the County, however the impact locally for us a charity is significant.
  • I think your idea on reducing funding for recycling is insane considering it will cost the County Council £millions if you fail to meet targets
  • The proposed removal of Recycling Credits would have a detrimental effect on our ability to do our work.
  • Cutting the payments of Recycling Credits would have a huge impact on charities like ours. Cutting these payments could result in the possible LOSS OF 9 LIVES.
  • Recycling credits represent a really important source of income at a time when charitable donations are under threat because of the difficult economic conditions,
  • Recycling is popular with the general public, importantly reduces landfill and also earns vital income for a whole range of charities.

Below are responses to these comments from the head of Cumbria County Council.

  • ‘Obviously there would also be a knock on effect where reuse and recycling would be hit, less recycling would mean Cumbria would find it hard to meet ever higher targets set.
  • I think this proposal is on very shaky ground!
  • Similarly, I have considerable reservations about cutting recycling credits to the Third sector and others; it simply will not encourage people to recycle. There is a key message here: If we STOP doing something what are the UNINTENDED consequences…
  • We MUST reduce landfill, we MUST recycle more.’

The head of Cumbria County Council is hosting a live webchat as well as public meetings in January.  The Council is being very thorough in trying to get responses from different parts of the community.  I hope they will all be given full consideration before decisions are made.

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