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Nov 15, 2010 by

  • It’s been a busy couple of weeks attending conferences and a workshop but I think now is the time I need to be working hard to talk to as many people as possible about recycling and reuse credits, while budgets are being set.
  • I went to the Civil Society and Waste Workshop at DEFRA.  Many people remarked that they had made a detailed response to the Call for Evidence and were not sure how useful the meeting was.  I felt it was good to hear what other people’s experiences were and raise awareness of Recycling and Reuse Credits to those who didn’t know what they were.  All charities are worried that the credits may be stopped in a short term desire to cut costs. They all said if that happened they would be unable to carry on sending in paperwork due to the administrative costs.  Collections would certainly go down in areas which stop credits with the result that more textiles go to landfill.
  • The WRAP conference was full of men in suits, mostly a foot taller than me so I developed a stiff neck from looking up to talk to them.  I was able to ask the Secretary of State for DEFRA, Caroline Spelman, a question.  I asked her what the government was doing to encourage local government to keep Recycling and Reuse Credits as they are such an important source of income to charities.  Unfortunately she didn’t answer the question.  I guess she doesn’t know what recycling and reuse credits are.  I’ll be writing to give her some more information.  It helped raise awareness amongst others there anyway.
  • Jane Davidson does know what they are.  I sent her a question to WRAP Cymru and she replied to tell me that Recycling and Reuse Credits are being reviewed in the Municipal Sector Plan.  Wales seems much more ambitious with their diversion from landfill targets.

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