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Nov 24, 2010 by

  • This week we received another letter asking for views on whether to cut recycling and reuse credits.  I guess all councils are reviewing their costs ready for next financial year but they have not all asked for opinions from recipients of the credits.  I will expect more letters to arrive shortly.
  • The tricky thing is how to get the message across to the people who will ultimately decide on what will be cut.  I’m trying to spell out as clearly as possible the advantages recycling and reuse credit schemes have to the councils but it’s not an easy area to understand.
  • Yesterday I responded to a new approach from Cumbria who have opened up a public consultation and invited responses.  It’s good to feel part of a discussion and hear the views of other recipients of credits.  I see this as an opportunity to have our opinions heard and hopefully help council leaders to make an informed decision.
  • I’ve been very impressed with the prompt responses from the council to people’s responses.  It gives us the opportunity to reply. One person has taken it upon themselves to liaise with those receiving recycling/reuse credits.  Working together and sharing ideas and information is good.
  • You may be interested to follow the discussion so this is the link.

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